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Case Study • 3 min read


Haaker Equipment Company is a leader in supplying specialized trucking equipment to municipals, industrial organizations, and construction companies. Haaker offers a diverse set of products and a commitment to quality and service. In order to maintain their lead in the street sewer and city cleaning industries, Haaker approached Novvum to imagine a better way to serve its customer.


One of the main pain points of Haaker’s business is that each customer needs specialized parts for their trucks. Because of this, Haaker offers extensive and complex options. For example, Haaker offers a line of Vactor truck nozzles that come in various sizes, shapes, and connection types. Truck technicians need to be experienced with all of the nozzles to know which part they need when they are working in the field. If a customer doesn’t know exactly which part they need, they will make a time-consuming phone call to the Haaker support center. Haaker wanted to create an app that would help technicians order parts faster. They approached Novvum to help deliver a streamlined and mobile-focused user experience for discovering and ordering new parts.

Solution: Time to Go Mobile

Once we had a clear product vision and understanding of Haaker’s customers’ needs, our team began producing designs, prototypes, and schematics for a new mobile application. We designed an app that would dramatically reduce the time for Haaker affiliated technicians to discover, select, and order the right nozzle for the job. The app also showcased Haaker’s brand and gave real-time product updates, educational tips, and news. After multiple design iterations, user testing, and prototypes the plan was user approved and ready to execute.

Technology Stack

Building an intuitive product recommendation tool that supported Haaker’s complex product line proved to be a challenge. We decided to use GraphQL to create a simple and unified API that could speed up development on both the client side and the server side of the stack. We constructed a robust GraphQL API of Haaker’s products that would interface with two React Native mobile applications and a Prisma managed database. The mobile applications built in React Native delivered a streamlined experience to users on both iOS and Android.

A technician using the application can now find products by specifying truck types, soil information, and other job details. The Haaker API uses this information to calculate the best product for the job and quickly displays it to the technician. With this system, Haaker can instantly provide professional consultation on every product purchase without directly engaging with the client. Most customers have enough information to complete their purchase within minutes, and this has drastically reduced the time they spend calling Haaker’s customer service.


Since its release, Haaker’s mobile applications have continued to be adopted by its customer base. Haaker has received an overwhelmingly positive response from users and is excited to introduce new innovative features that will continue to improve their customers’ experience. Launching new technology within traditional industries can be risky, however, Novvum and Haaker stayed committed to the goal of improving their users day to day functions and making their experience with Haaker as intuitive as possible. This inevitably created positive results.