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Headless E-COMMERCE with Odoo

Headless is the way to scale E-Commerce. Everything from an engaging store front to seamless inventory management, let our team of experts support you in growing your business.

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Integrate Odoo with Novvum

Increase your conversion rate by 60% with Headless E-commerce. Novvum helps you get the best of Odoo for your digital storefront.
High Performing Storefront
Instant Receipt Generation
Integrated Delivery System
Seamless Inventory Management
Automated Sales Flow
Quick Account Reconciliation
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Why Choose Us

Odoo with Novvum

Novvum tailors Odoo to fit your unique business needs. Build a fast & easy to use interface for your customers.
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The power of Headless E-commerce & Odoo

Novvum configures Odoo to help you cut down manual back-of-house operations by 95%. Headless E-Commerce enhances your customer experience in the storefront.

Give your customers a gratifying and hassle-free shopping experience. Scale your Business with us.